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Tenement living becomes easier online in 2019.

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For anyone with a Scottish tenement.

Smart Owners
Happy Residents
Effective Property Managers
  • Suggest a common repair online. No meetings.
  • Agree and pay for shared repair or maintenance online. No chasing for cash.
  • Keep in touch with other owners and residents, no matter where they are.
  • Keep up to date on what's going on in your stair. 
  • Everything you need to know about your home is here. 
  • Just moved in? Send a group message introducing yourself to your neighbours.
  • Reduce the hassle of common maintenance, especially those time-consuming small jobs!
  • Approve and pay for jobs in one place.
  • Generate receipts for speedy reimbursement.

What can I do? (Soon)


Stair lighting, regular cleaning or a new paint job? Some things shouldn't be a chore. Easy agreement, regular payment by direct debit.


You don't want to leave a broken lock or window. Agree, pay, sort it quickly.


Secure bike store in the garden or better insulation? You could do so much with the place if everyone would agree!




Reach one person or everyone. All owners or all residents? No knocking on doors, no searching contacts.


Something everyone needs to see? Post it in your secure virtual stair for everyone to comment.


Got to do something together? Make a proposal and collect the votes. It's quick, easy, verifiable.

How does it work?

OurTenement.Scot will grow into your regular source for info about your home. 
Sign up with your neighbours to share and communicate easily.
When it comes time to fix something, it's easy to get agreement and pay securely.

Register For Free

23 January 2016
Join OurTenement.Scot using your name, email address and post code.

If you receive an invitation, click on the unique link. You'll have less to type that way.

There is no cost to join the site and you can easily close your account at any time.


17 February 2016
Optionally, you can verify your identity online to unlock additional functionality. 

Verified owners and property managers can agree to and pay for common work. Verified residents can receive group messages and suggest work to be done.

Automatic verification usually takes a couple of minutes and is as easy as snapping a selfie. (If that sounds too freaky, we can verify your ID in other ways.)


6 March 2016
The more people in your stair who join, the better OurTenement.Scot works for everyone! 

Send an email or text to invite owners and neighbours. If you don't have their contact details, you can print a poster or card with a unique invitation link. Eventually, we'll be able to post out invitations on your behalf.

Maintain & Repair

When something needs doing, simply login to OurTenement.Scot and send out a group message. 

Every owner or manager receiving the message will know how much the work will cost and get a link to pay securely on the site. You register your agreement by providing payment information but no payments are taken until enough people agree.

To start with, we'll offer a few structured maintenance plans, but we're aiming to provide a flexible project builder to design your own.

Keep in touch!

23 June 2016
Look out for announcements from OurTenement.Scot and visit regularly. 

Apart from an easier way to keep your tenement stair in shape, OurTenement.Scot will grow into a single source for useful info about your stair and your street, and an easy way to stay in touch with neighbours, owners and property managers. It may also be the digital icebreaker for meeting people nearby.

Additional Information

Why do I need OurTenement.Scot?

OurTenement.Scot is a secure community that will save you time, hassle and money.

To organise common work, OurTenement.Scot offers a big improvement over arranging stair meetings, knocking on doors and chasing remote owners or managers for payment. When being asked to pay, OurTenement.Scot is a secure and verifiable place, operating according to fair and transparent policies, to entrust your payment.

Buy-to-let and holiday homes keep increasing in number. People moving about more. It is harder to reach the people you need to maintain your building. Everyone seems to be busy and people who live near each other don't necessarily see each other. It's harder meeting and maintaining contact with people, so it's easier to knock on a door when necessary.

Property and communities need to catch up. We buy nearly everything online. We organise our lifestyles and personal information online. We socialise online. The benefits of shifting activities online are clear or it wouldn't be so popular.

OurTenement.Scot enables us to maintain our homes online, quickly and easily.

OurTenement.Scot helps keep in touch with the people nearby who aren't necessarily close.

OurTenement.Scot is a great place to store, share and find info about our homes.

Why should I trust OurTenement.Scot?

We are building OurTenement.Scot to make tenement living in Scotland even better.

OurTenement.Scot is based in Edinburgh. Our website and all our operations are governed by UK and EU law, like the GDPR for data protection. We will be registered as a data controller with the UK Information Commissioner's Office. We try to store and process as much data as we can in the UK or other EU countries.

The data you share with OurTenement.Scot remains yours and always will. It is protected by your privacy settings, UK law and our privacy policy. We will never sell your data to a third party. We will never use your online activities to target you for advertising. Our privacy policy explains what we do with your data and how we protect it.

The OurTenement.Scot website is secured with industry standard SSL certificates that encrypt all data in transit between your device and our servers. Payments are processed by Stripe or GoCardless according to their policies and backed by your card issuer's protections or the UK banking industry's direct debit guarantee.

OurTenement.Scot works with professional tradespeople who are certified by the Trusted Trader scheme backed by Trading Standards and the local council. As soon as OurTenement.Scot becomes eligible, we will seek Trusted Trader certification for additional peace of mind (there is a minimum trading period before an application can be made).

When OurTenement.Scot begins offering regular maintenance contracts, we will be registered under the Property Factor (Scotland) Act and will adhere to its code of practice. Additionally, all processes and activities of OurTenement.Scot conform to the Tenement (Scotland) Act.

When you agree to pay for a repair or a maintenance contract, you can be assured that no payment will be taken until it is lawful and that projects will be conducted according to these statutes. Enough people must agree.

OurTenement.Scot will update you every step of the way.
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